Importance Of Honey Bees

One of every three foods you eat is directly pollinated by honeybees. Honeybees are vital to our ecosystem and our economy.

In the past twenty years, the honeybee population has declined dramatically due to the loss of natural habitat, the widespread use of pesticides, and the prevalence of damaging mites and hive beatles. Beekeepers and ecologists are particularly concerned about a recent alarming condition known as colony collapse disorder. This mysterious disappearance of large numbers of bees is a critical environmental issue. Scientists are working hard to solve this potential crisis. It is important that we not intentionally destroy bees that may be in our homes or businesses. Our company can remove these bees and place them in managed hives so they can continue to help pollinate our sources of food.

We should support local farmers who are attempting to create pesticide free bee- friendly environments. You can also help prevent the loss of honeybees by planting natural nectar-producing gardens to provide nutrients throughout the growing season.

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